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VT800, VT1100, Black Widow, Spirit, Aero, Sabre etc.

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Shadow Parts and Accessories


Honda Shadows for sale


Collectibles / Apparel

air cleaner covers highw. bars/pegs VT 500 boots
airfilters levers VT 600 gloves
alarm licence holder VT 700 helmets
backrest lightbar VT 750 jackets
battery lighting VT 1100 motorcycle covers
cable luggage   pants
    carburetor manual           patches  
chain mirrors     pins
chrome mufflers   Tools rain clothing
chrome radiator pedal battery chargers sunglasses
clock radiator chrome Motorcycle Lifts vests
crash bar regulator    
cruise control rotor      
drag pipes saddlebags   Gadgeds 
emblems saddlebag support cell phones   Also recommended shops
engines seat GPS Navigation
exhaust shocks PDA / Handheld pc's JC Whitney
  fender extension sidecovers Radar detection
fenderrail sissybar weather devices CMSNL
fender starter    
finaldrive swingarm      
floorboards tankbib   Honda Shadow Ebay stores  
fluid cap (chrome) tires

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Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts
  Technical info for different types and years          
  VT 700C Shadow 1983   VT 1100C Shadow Sprit 1998   Shadow 400 Sabre 2005  
  VT 750C Shadow 1983   VT 1100C3 Shadow Aero 1998   Shadow 400 Slasher 2005  
  VT 500C Shadow 1983   VT 1100C2 Shadow Sabre 2000   Shadow 600VLX 2005  
  VT 1100C Shadow 1985   VT 750DC Black Widow 2001   Shadow 600VLX De Luxe 2005  
  VT 750C Shadow 1986   Shadow 400 2002   Shadow 750 Spirit 2005  
  VT 600C Shadow 1988   VT 600C Shadow VLX 2002   Shadow 1100 Sabre 2005  
  VT 600C Shadow 1990   VT 600CD Shadow VLX De Luxe 2002   Shadow 1100 Spirit 2005  
  VT 1100C Shadow 1990   VT 750DC Shadow Sport 2002   Shadow 750 Spirit C2 2007  
  VT 1100C2 Shadow Ace 1993   VT 750DC Black Widow 2004   VT 1100C2 Shadow Sabre 2007  
  VT 600C Shadow 1994   Shadow 400 Aero 2004   VT 750C Shadow 2008  
  VT 1100C2 Shadow Ace 1995   VT 750C Shadow 2004   VT 750DC Shadow Spirit 2008  
  VT 750C2 Shadow 1997   Shadow 750 Aero 2004